Code of Conduct

A member shall act at all times in accordance with the following code of conduct:         

  1. A member shall at all times place the interests of clients ahead of his own and serve them with integrity and competence.
  2. A member will assume an independent position with the client, making certain that advice to clients is based on impartial consideration of all pertinent facts and responsible opinions.
  3. A member shall serve his client in a conscientious, diligent and efficient manner.
  4. A member shall hold in strict confidence all information acquired in the course of the professional relationship concerning the business and affairs of his client, and he shall not divulge any such information unless he is authorized by his client or is required by law so to do.
  5. A member will not serve two or more competing clients at the same time without informing each of them.
  6. A member will inform the client of any relationships, circumstances or interests that might influence his judgment or the objectivity of his service.
  7. A member shall, before accepting an assignment, confer with the client or prospective client in sufficient detail and gather sufficient facts to gain an adequate understanding of the problem, the scope of the study needed to solve it and the possible benefits that may accrue to the client
  8. A member will accept any assignments for which he believes he is qualified and that he believes will be beneficial to the Client.
  9. A member will not serve a client under terms or conditions that might impair his objectivity, independence, or integrity; and he will reserve the right to withdraw if conditions beyond his control develop to interfere with the successful conduct of the assignment.
  10. A member shall, except for those cases where special client relationships make it unnecessary, make certain that the client receives a written proposal that outlines the objectives, scope and, where possible, the estimated fee or fee basis for the proposed service or study. He will discuss with the client any important changes in the nature, scope, timing or other aspects of the engagement and obtain the client’s agreement to such changes before taking action on them.
  11. A member will not charge more than a reasonable fee based on consideration of such factors as nature of services performed, time required, consultant’s experience, ability and reputation, and degree of responsibility assumed.
  12. A member’s conduct toward other members shall be characterized by courtesy and good faith.
  13. A member will strive continuously to advance and protect the standards of his profession.