RMCO is a professional self-regulatory / licensing body authorized by law to license insurance and risk management consultants.

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Risk Management Consultants of Ontario

Risk Management Consultants of Ontario (RMCO) is an organization dedicated to the practice of risk management and property/casualty insurance consulting, with the continuous responsibility to develop, promote and maintain high professional and ethical standards.

Registration and Licensing of Risk Management and Insurance Consultants is mandatory in the Province of Ontario.

Individual consultants can choose to be licensed by the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario RIBO OR become a member of RMCO

Regulated Activities

In Ontario, any person who for any compensation, commission or other thing of value, with respect to persons or property in Ontario,

    1. acts or aids in any manner in soliciting, negotiating or procuring the making of any contract of insurance or reinsurance whether or not the person has agreements with insurers allowing the person to bind coverage and countersign insurance documents on behalf of insurers,
    2. provides risk management services including claims assistance where required,
    3. provides consulting or advisory services with respect to insurance or reinsurance, or
    4. holds himself, herself or itself out as an insurance consultant or examines, appraises, reviews or evaluates any insurance policy, plan or program or makes recommendations or gives advice with regard to any of the above must be registered / licensed.

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